find me

Find Me

In the Age of Selfies, I pretend like I'm an open book. I act like I let people in. But the truth is, I have barriers. Lots of 'em. We all do. We pretend we aren't hurt or sad or aren't filled with angst.

We put up walls with translucent windows, then wonder why people don't know the real us.

We only post happy photos, but don't understand why no one 'gets' our sadness.

I think I'm tired of it. Wait. I don't think. I know. I know I am a bundle of contradictions: happy, sad, glad, mad, confident, scared. But who isn't? Who is happy all. the. time? Who is super confident all. the. time? I'm asking because I want to meet this person. I want to soak up every bit of wisdom this person can offer, because we are all just students, waiting to graduate from life.

But, what I think, really, is that we're all a little afraid of something. Not the fear you admit to, of course. But the fear you don't want to say out loud. Because we're afraid the saying would cause a mass exodus of friends and family.

But that's not true. You're not alone.

You were never alone. Find me and I'll find you, and we can walk this path together.