end of summer

end of summer

Here is something about September in Georgia that I do not understand:

Summer is over but it's not over but it's over. The stores begin putting up aisles of holiday stuff... Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas stuff. But it's 92 degrees outside and the humidity is just plain mean. And then Starbucks begins previews of their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And here I am ready for fall, but I'm wearing my denim star shorts from the Fourth of July and a tank top and I'm ready for autumn but autumn's not ready for me.

Autumn stopped by to say "hi" on Saturday. The weather was mild, the breezes were cool and the day was something from a dream.

Then on Monday we were leaving Whole Foods and I had a shopping bag in each arm when summer came back, and the heat from the asphalt did a dance above the ground. By the time I got to the car, my iced tea was warm and I was hot.

The fashion magazines tell me to add layers to my summer clothes to make them appropriate for fall and at the exact moment I read this, I want to take my clothes off and move into the frozen section of our grocery store. I'm not wearing a knee-length cardigan anytime soon.

But I dream of the day that I will.