the elevator door

the door

The pursuit of happiness can leave some scars.

We focus on stuff, cars, clothes and money as the end goal and devote a huge chunk of time and energy to get them. And so you get them. And then what? You're not satisfied with what you have, so you think it's the fault of the stuff. You must need more stuff. Better stuff.

No. No to all of it.

The real happiness is in loving the life you have right now. Allow yourself to focus on what thrills you, not what kills you. Figuring out the bits and pieces you love, stepping into them and expanding them. Time spent with family and friends, learning, creativity, kindness and curiosity can be dirt cheap yet priceless.

It's having the courage to step away from the merry-go-round and step up to the elevator door, push the button and take the ride. What's more, to commit to the ride...however long it takes. To live a life of purpose and not of purchase.

Get on the elevator and see where it goes.