Don't Overthink It

robinson crusoe found poetry

Senseless art is quite wonderful.

- Found Poetry from Robinson Crusoe


You can talk yourself out of anything.

You can sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else try to figure it out. You can assume everyone has it figured out.

You can assume everyone will laugh at you. You can assume you'll put yourself out there (wherever 'there' is), and you'll be ignored.

You'll tell yourself not to try, because you'll fail. You'll just make a mess of things. Why bother?

You'll tell yourself there is time to do it later, better, stronger, faster.

You'll tell yourself you can't even make sense of what's in your can anyone else?

Try it anyway. Do it anyway.

Make an awful mess of it. Make it imperfect and crazy and kooky and stunningly, mind-blowingly yours.

Then, do it again.