bare blogger - a run on sentence about blogging

the bare blogger

Blogging is beautiful transparency and a sneak peak behind the scenes and blogging is pretty pictures and flat lays and lots of white space and luscious lipstick and sexy leopard print shoes and crisply bright walls and blogging is pulling readers closer so we can whisper in their ear and blogging is showing perfect imperfection and the truth about blogging is that blogging is me typing on a keyboard while my little dog growls at leaves outside and my big dog snoozes at my feet and farts in her sleep and blogging is cleaning only part of the table so I can take a photo of a coffee mug and blogging is me putting on a turtleneck lipstick and eyeliner and taking a selfie while trying to hide that I am not in fact wearing any pants and blogging is pretending that it's all effortless when we put in so much effort and blogging is more than what is on the website blogging is a million things readers will never see like readers never see how we proofread blog posts in line at the grocery store or we answer Instagram comments while you fry chorizo for tacos and blogging the way I used to do it was a bit of artifice and make believe and sort of like blogging with a mask this is not blogging this is pretending and our entire life is not flat lays and lots of white space and I decided right here and right now to blog bare as bare as I can stand it I decide to cut close to the bone and expose my sinew and heart songs and present how beautiful my life is because it is beautiful but I will also show how messy my life is because that is beautiful too and maybe we forgot that but we remember it now and that's all that matters.