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weather poems

Announcement time! I'm participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Starting April 1st, I'll post a new blog post every day (except Sundays), starting with the letter A.

Over 500 blogs are participating, and we're all on the same letter schedule, but the challenge theme is up to the individual bloggers.

My theme? Weather forecast poems.

I am fascinated with science; all science; and can't wait to explore the weather around the world.

Will April 1st's poem be inspired by the weather in Antwerp? Or Amsterdam? Or maybe Albuquerque? Maybe April 2nd's poem can be Brussels. Or Boonville, Kentucky.

If you have a request for a city, contact me; I'd love the challenge.

Here's one to get in the swing of things:

Indianapolis / 44℉ 

a final frost

on the first day of spring

thick scarves and turtleneck sweaters

and maybe a trench coat

with thick lining,

if you are an unusually warm

warm-blooded creature.


Check back on April 1st to follow along, and check out the other participants here.