Autumn List

I am

sipping hot apple cider, complete with cinnamon stick and a splash of nutmeg.

waiting for the rest of the leaves to fall from my trees.

liking the crisp morning temperature.

allowing myself to take a break now and again.

feeling frustrated becauseI've run out of storage space on my phone. And my iPad.

wearing my favorite pair of jeans over and over (and over) again. Bootcut is the only cut for me.

smelling the comforting scent of burning leaves.

eating bacon wrapped scallops. Seriously, twice in the last week.

reading Vogue's September issue. (I'm a little behind).

writing with my favorite pen, in my favorite notebook.

listening to my intuition. That, and old-school hip-hop. On repeat.

enjoying the sunrise as I take my daughter to school.

remembering to say yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no.

planning my next book. Super excited about this next one.

clearing my closets  of things which no longer suit me.

playing Mario Kart with my daughter: Mario/Dragster/MapleTreeway. Always and forever.