Time For Something New

something new

I am so very new to Dr. Who. I know TARDIS, something about a phone booth. Something about regenerating, and certainly something about iterations. I also know it's super popular, so I'm not going to fake any deep knowledge of Dr. Who, or the show.

What I do know, is the show is ingenious about bringing in new actors to play the same part of Dr. Who. The character of the good Dr Who has a biological quirk, which allows him to change his appearance following what would otherwise be a fatal injury.

Genius, no? 

I've been thinking about iterations often lately. I've been a clerk, a librarian, a writer, an editor, a retailer, and now...a writer and editor again.

It's time to shake a few things up.

I'm starting a new project I'm super excited about (more about that soon). I'm also drastically changing the blog...(most things will stay - for now), but I'm going to be packing up some virtual boxes. Some will be moved from one corner to the next and some will be shelved completely. I'm also going to be handwriting most of the blog entries, the exceptions will be for poems I want to share, but right now I feel more analog than digital.

A lot is still to be determined, but this iteration will be a damn good one, I think. 

Stay tuned.