Why Does My Mind Wander Off?

Erica Gerald Mason Found Poetry

".....wait, what?"

You're in the middle of a conversation. Maybe even a conversation you started. You chatter back and forth. Then everything gets hazy. You start to remember the grocery list...the dry cleaning...oh, and that birthday present you were supposed to pick up. Then...silence. You look and everyone's looking at you. And you ask yourself,

Why does my mind wander off?

...you're most likely used to a lot of stimulation. We have become multitasking ninjas. As I write this, I'm sitting on my sofa, petting my dog, Netflix is playing on the TV, and I'm checking Periscope on my cell phone. One on one conversation is hard, when you're doing 4 things at once. When your mind begins to wander, it's a sign you need to hold your horses, there, partner. Take a deep breath. Then another one. Focus on the person you're talking to. Their words. Their face. Their emotion.

Focus. Breathe. Refocus. Breathe.

Reengage. Be in the moment. Honor the face to face interaction. The real and the now.

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