I See It Everywhere Now

confirmation bias
I See It Everywhere Now Found Poem

We bought a Prius last October. And suddenly, I began to see Priuses everywhere: the supermarket, the library, the gym, the highway. Everywhere. Had there really been an influx of Prius purchases in my area? Nope. Because my new car was top of mind, I began to notice what I had never noticed before.

I see it everywhere now.


It's commonly known as the confirmation bias.  Which is a fancy way to say: when you make a decision or live your life a certain way, your subconscious looks to outside sources to confirm you made the right choice.

This can be extremely powerful and incredibly dangerous at the same time.

If you're a jerk, you look at other people  and justify your bad behavior by telling yourself, "hey, he's doing it...can't be that bad." But, you knew that, right?

What I'm more interested in when you're on the right path...when you're in the zone, in the flow...whatever you want to call it. When you make a decision, a decision which feels so correct, so rightly you...so damn good, you begin to see confirmation in other parts of your life.

It's the equivalent of the moon following you, and illuminating your path in made-just-for-you moonbeams.

It's kismet. And it's my wish for you. 

(found poem from Galileo's Starry Messenger)

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