i made these for you


i am a telescope: science love poems

i am a telescope is a collection of science love poems. Poems about the experience of love, courage, planets, and the stars. i am a telescope takes readers on a journey through the galaxy of life and finds perfect moments along the way...because there is a perfect little universe everywhere if you are just willing to look..

meet me in the mixtape

A life, as told through a mixtape.
Our memories are often tied to our favorite music. With an eclectic mix of music and unflinching honesty, meet me in the mixtape creates a soundtrack of the journey from girlhood to adult life. The literary mixtape highlights music from a wide range, from the Star Wars theme to The Notorious B.I.G.

cherry cola: poems & essays

A sparkling and whimsical collection of haiku, essays and poems, Cherry Cola tells the truth about love. About the one hundred different ways we live our daily life. Both fresh and smart, Cherry Cola invites readers to join Erica Gerald Mason on the adventure of discovering the world around her. It is a refreshingly crisp and powerful collection. Erica Gerald Mason writes of meaning, love, and the beauty of everyday life with a charming optimism and modern sensibility.